Transform the
GAME of business.

The way it’s meant to be played.
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The way we learn is changing

Today's workplace is more flexible, digital and collaborative than ever before.

The learning tools of today won't deliver the outcomes needed for the business of tomorrow.

Imagine you had the right solution to support your employees on their business journey.

GameChanger is the tool where simulation meets transformation.

It brings learning and business outcomes together in an immersive employee simulation experience.

Experience simulated learning.

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Learning experience

It’s a game But more

Explore the GameChanger Feature Controller

Success Profile Designer

Design and configure learning profiles to achieve success in your business, including departments, skills, topics, behaviours, roles, and culture.

Business Gameplay
Decision & learning simulation
Real-time Success Insights
Decision Engine
Collaborative Learning
Communication & Feedback
Step inside

GameChanger uses Supporting the entire employee lifecycle

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Tap into collective problem solving

Test new ideas, products and strategies. Challenge employees with real-life organisational, business and industry problems simulated in the game. Engage them in problem solving and measure their views and understanding of your business. Employee engagement guaranteed.