Transform the GAME of business.

The way it’s meant to be played.
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Our Story

It all started when...

GameChanger had humble beginnings, stemming from Anthony Sani's struggle to engage a new cohort of graduates with the business learning material.

The journey started when a Risk Executive, Innovation Partner and Creative Director joined forces.

The Challenge?

Frustrated by the lack of interest and participation of the cohort in the traditional ways of learning, they recognized the pressing need for a fresh approach.
The challenge was how to transform the awareness and behaviour in a complex, global business in order to reduce revenue leakage. The existing well-invested LMS program was not achieving the right results with a 10% adoption rate. Something needed to change.

The impact was GameChanging...

Determined to transform the learning experience, they embarked on developing a solution that would ignite the curiosity and enthusiasm of aspiring business professionals. They developed a game. Every employee became a CEO of a virtual business. Creating immersive simulations in the game allowed the players to learn, compete and relate to the problem through a different lens in a safe environment.

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Meet the team

Meet the GameChanger founders, a group of talented individuals who are masters in their respective fields. Their combined skillset of tools and expertise has helped to create this innovative product.

Anthony Sani


Tony is a seasoned senior executive with broad and deep experience in technology industries.

His comfort zone is in data management, risk mitigation, and transformation.

Innovation and data-driven change is what gets him out of bed everyday. He has been instrumental in helping diverse global corporates to transform their business game through the development of high performing teams and the execution of their transformation programmes.

Danie Maritz


Danie is an organizational psychologist and business innovation designer. At his very core, he’s a serial entrepreneur.

His comfort zone is leadership and organizational theory, philosophy and psychology, and to find holistic, global solutions for the most pressing issues faced by businesses and humanity today.

The latest and freshest research in future-fit agri, business and new forms of human capitalism, and how it fits into our world’s future - these are the things that get him out of bed everyday. Danie has close to three decades of experienced in mentoring and advising businesses on innovation strategies.

Tim Apter


Tim is a creative director and producer, specializing in engaging storytelling through digital media.

His comfort zone is creating experiences that have a profound impact on how people move through the world.

He gets out of bed in the morning for using the power of interactive multimedia, and how it enhances organizational culture, drive change and create measurable impact in companies of any size.