Solutions for a new workplace purpose

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”We are fostering learning at a deeper level of application”.

– Ascent Growth Partners

”People are voluntarily playing the game”.

– Vodafone

Transformation tools

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Success profile designer

  • Our profile designer is the framework for configuring the skills, behavior's and scoring formulae for the outcomes your business needs.
  • Choose from our ready-to-use template library for different game experiences, like assessments, knowledge updates, behavioral profiling and development.
  • Combine different templates for an end-to-end learner experience.
  • Personalize the experience, down to your company's colours and logo, and individual employee roles, using our advanced script editing and authoring tools.


Business gameplay

  • GameChanger's immersive game-based simulation platform places learners in a familiar business setting, complete with a dynamic city landscape, authentic office environment, and personalized boardroom. This enables learners to engage with the learning material in a highly relatable and engaging way, maximizing learning outcomes.
  • Our Business Impact Framework allows you to configure your own measures of success and understand how learning and its application can help drive success. Learners experience the direct impact of their learning and their decisions on business performance.


Decision & learning simulation

  • A real-world experiences, a safe place to learn, succeed and make mistakes.
  • Challenges are presented to players in the game and provide a point of assessment, learning and feedback. These can include case study text, imagery or video content.
  • Employees become more confident and feel supported.
  • Your talent remains with your company.


Real-time success insights

  • Our real-time analytics gives you instant insights on the progress of the players.
  • Track employees' skills and behaviours to achieve the success outcomes you've designed for your business.


Decision engine

  • The AI engine tracks players' decisions and actions connected to specific skills, behavior's and knowledge, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.
  • The AI adapts challenges in the moment to train a player in the areas that need improvement.
  • The decision engine generates analytics that helps you pinpoint skills gaps and employees' progress to close those gaps.


Collaborative learning

  • Players in your organization from around the world can play as a team to achieve better outcomes for their virtual businesses.
  • Tap into the collective knowledge and problem solving power of your workforce for valuable feedback on real challenges your business may face. This reinforces a culture of ownership and validate employees' sense of value.
  • Now you can get an organization-wide view of employee skills and behavior's, allowing for better decision-making for the company's success outcomes.


Communication & feedback

  • Run simulations of real problems your business is grappling with to involve employees in the search for solutions.
  • Use the gaming platform for organization-wide surveys and instant feedback.

Use Cases

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Tap into collective problem solving

Test new ideas, products and strategies. Challenge employees with real-life organisational, business and industry problems simulated in the game. Engage them in problem solving and measure their views and understanding of your business. Employee engagement guaranteed.

Client transformation stories

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